Seth Siegel

Author, "Troubled Water: What's Wrong with What We Drink"

Seth M. Siegel is a serial entrepreneur, lawyer, water activist and a New York Times bestselling author, recognized for his thought leadership and advocacy on water scarcity and quality.

Seth is the author of the award-winning, international bestseller Let There Be Water: Israel’s Solution for a Water-Starved World, which is available in more than 50 countries and 17 foreign-languages. The book has won praise from Tony Blair, Michael Bloomberg, and Nobel Laureates Shimon Peres and Juan Manuel Santos, among other global figures.

His new book, Troubled Water: What’s Wrong with What We Drink, will be published this October. It is a much anticipated critique of America’s drinking water.

Seth is a Senior Fellow at the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Water Policy and his commentary has appeared in many leading publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, as well as on television and radio. He has spoken about water issues before hundreds of audiences around the world, including in Congress, the United Nations and Google’s headquarters, as well as dozens of universities, including Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

You can connect with Seth on Twitter @SethMSiegel and for more information, please visit

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